“Just” Wait

We wait.  Some more than others.  We wait.  Different ways.  We wait.  For different things. I have sat quietly ... rarely, as the holidays are busy for me and my family ... thinking about a specific truth: people throughout the Old Testament sat, like me, only for much longer periods of time, waiting on the … Continue reading “Just” Wait

I Know A Guy Who Owns a Pretty Nice Sword …

Tolkien's Gandalf, opens up The Two Towers (2nd of three films) facing off with a Balrog on one side, his people on the opposite side.  Gandalf standing in the gap, armed with a staff and a sword;   armed with courage, passion, wisdom, life-experience, vision and redemptive confidence.   The sword, such an intense symbol for … Continue reading I Know A Guy Who Owns a Pretty Nice Sword …

Here It Comes! Truth! Grab It!

Some things, you get a good hold on, and don't let go. Some things, go, kick them out the back door, "And don't come back!" " ... we do not lose heart ... outward man is perishing ... inward man ... renewed day by day ... our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and … Continue reading Here It Comes! Truth! Grab It!

Able, Not Willing

I can do this.  But will I do this? A good-hearted soul spoke a blessing into my life recently. The content below is paraphrased, and reframed as a general blessing, as opposed to a specific blessing:   “God loves you and He will turn your sorrow into great joy. He will show up, and give you ___________ … Continue reading Able, Not Willing

Self-Made Man … Very Small god?

Mr. Griff, if you are out there, and you know you are, accept my thanks for passing on those words ... many years ago: "A self-made man must have a very small god." A variation ...   And here are some words that were a bit strange, the first time I saw them / heard … Continue reading Self-Made Man … Very Small god?

Bucket Problems: An Additional Post

B u c k e t    P r o b l e m s I wrote a post entitled "Bucket Problems", about addictions.  One of the guys I try to keep up with, through his blogs, gave me feedback about that post.  His encouragement and insight brought me back to the writing desk, on the … Continue reading Bucket Problems: An Additional Post

Fishing Can Get Disruptive

Image.  Jesus tells Peter to be "a fisher of men".  And, Peter follows His words. Image.  Jesus tells Peter to cast his nets in an area that Peter had already done so ... But Peter followed His words, again, and threw his nets into the area that Jesus was referring to.  Result?  Peter caught some … Continue reading Fishing Can Get Disruptive

Bucket Problems

"How do you like my bucket?"   "(Pause) Hmmm.  That bucket looks alright, on the outside.  Is it working for you?" "Actually, I haven't tried it out, yet.  Heck, let's give it a trial-run," ... he picks up a water hose, turns it on, and points the end of the hose into the bucket.  Water … Continue reading Bucket Problems

Gamaliel, Heavies, Cost, Good Things

Have you gone up against the Heavies? So, these three heavies ... corrupt politicians ... walk up to two guys, surround them with their henchmen, take them downtown to the station, throw them into the slammer for the night.  Next morning, the two guys are brought in front of the heavies with the judge: "WHAT ... in the … Continue reading Gamaliel, Heavies, Cost, Good Things