The Secret Place: What???

The first that I heard about this … “The Secret Place” … was about three years ago.  (Image of the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria)

Some concepts I can grasp fairly quickly.  Other concepts are elusive; ‘hard to wrap my mind around.  Recently, I sat with a friend who is not just a friend but a great friend.  You know those kind of people, right?  I schedule something with this friend from time to time, and we sit, and listen to the Spirit of God.  And when He speaks through my friend (tell me that you know what I am talking about … do you know what I am talking about?) I don’t always grasp it.  But shouldn’t it be that way?  I mean, He is not a formulaic God.  A psalm-writer, specifically145, wrote something that has stuck with me like good barbecue sticks to my fingers, only more-so.

” …his greatness no one can fathom …” (3)

If I were to hear someone say that they have God totally figured out, that they understand everything related to the Father, I would be skeptical; respectfully of course.  I for one, don’t have any desire to go “there”: to want to be able to say that I have God totally figured out.  I suppose the biggest reason for that is that I would be deceiving myself.

Anyway, my point I was trying to get to was about this “Secret Place”.  My friend described it as a place where I can go in my spirit, to get away from the immediate nonsense / stress and simply “be”, and rest in the Father’s presence.  My friend asked me (my paraphrase) “Where do you really enjoy being?  What do you really enjoy doing that is peaceful and worthwhile?”

It did not take very long for me to answer:

“I really enjoy moving logs, where I live; chopping wood; walking a trail through Pike National Forest; just being around trees and mountains.”  (Image from

My friend slowly nodded, and said that is where your quite place is.  Finally I understood what different folks had been talking about.  There are nights when my wife has wisely gone into slumber, and I lie awake struggling to keep my anxietous thoughts at bay.  I have tried the secret place, and it is a blessing.  It is never quite the same.  There are times when I know that Jesus is present.  Its not what He says.  Its His presence.  And this secret place is not a place where I can stay.  I am called to be at different places at different times; and to be with different people in different seasons.  And maybe that is part of what makes the Secret Place so powerful, so calm.


One thought on “The Secret Place: What???

  1. I could hear Jesus speaking through you. You are lucky to have such a great friend, I once has a friend like that that helps you find your secret place. This reminds me of the song “I know a place, where no one ever goes. There’s peace and quiet and beauty and repose….. and it end. Now I know why God has made this world for me.
    Thank you for writing this. I really enjoyed reading this.

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