Change Can Get Ugly, and Redemptive

I asked a man for directions.  

“Excuse me, sir.  I am trying to get to I-40 East.”

“You can’t get there from here.”

Actually,  I  can  get  “there”  from  “here” when it comes to change, if I want it.  My journey has challenges.  There is intimidation ahead (always has been)  Goals … unrealistic?  Change is definitely doable: with some work; outside-the-box thinking; real prayer; acknowledging where my strength comes from; support.  And, change might get ugly.  But, I can get “there” … from “here”.  And, it will be redemptive.

A Young Boy, Samuel

Over-simplified version.  The boy – – -raised and trained by an older guy, a priest and a prophet, from the old days.  Samuel had a dream in the night.  ‘Dreamed God was talking to him.  Next morning the older guy, Eli, asked Samuel about the dream.  It wasn’t a pleasant dream.  God was telling Eli, through the boy Samuel, that Eli’s time was coming to an end; that God was not pleased, whatsoever, with Eli’s two sons … acting like complete knuckleheads.  Mean knuckleheads.  Samuel was a change agent. Samuel had the courage to dream; courage to listen to hard stuff; courage to speak when he needed to speak, and to say what he needed to say.  You can get the whole scoop in 2 Samuel; well worth the read. Things got ugly. What happened then and there was quite disruptive, and a bit violent. But, maybe all that needed to happen, for change to take place.  What came out of all that was a new prophet / priest / spokesman, truly a good man.  What came out of that was a new king: one of the most important men in the entirety of biblical history, another good man.  The ark of the covenant was returned.  The old guard was wiped out, because radical change had to happen.  It was ugly, and it was redemptive.



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