Who Is Your Comforter?

He is the Spirit.  The Comforter is the Spirit.

At times, I believe I have been comforted by the Spirit, but I did not even know what was happening, at first.  If pain is happening, regardless of what kind of pain it is, I may be aware of nothing else but the pain.  My experience of the pain is that “it” is awful; it’s simply bad.  At some point, I am aware of an indescribable presence, maybe even quite faint.  I am aware of the pain taking on a different shape, a decreased intensity.  At such times as those, I sense that I am not alone; and the reason I am not alone is because the Spirit has become more apparent.  True, the Holy Spirit is with us always.  And yet, at times I experience His presence in a more pronounced way.  He is my comforter.

When I was in Antarctica, the second half of my job assignment there, the newnes and excitement of being at the bottom of the world had worn off.  I found myself missing “things” that I had not really noticed when I arrived, and ran down the steps of the cargo jet into the rude awakening of sub zero blowing snow.  The sights and realities I was missing (because they were not in Antarctica) were … here’s a non-exhaustive list:

  • dogs
  • old people
  • children
  • trees
  • rain
  • fragrances
  • fast food restaurants
  • “good” restaurant
  • etc.

During that … heavy … time, I connected with the 2nd Corinthians, specifically the first chapter.  I was in need of a comforter.  But what I really needed was the Comforter.  What became clear to me was this reality-mix: we experience the comforts of Christ, and we experience the sufferings of Christ.  If we died with Him, we are raised with Him. After all, He is the Father of compassion, and the God of all comfort … and check this out: He comforts us in our troubles, and then … we are able to comfort others who are experiencing trouble, with the comfort we have received from God.  I cannot explain why there is something powerful about that.


5 thoughts on “Who Is Your Comforter?

  1. One has to die in order to be resurrected. One has to go through the pain in order to be comforted. It is beyond comprehension to understand and I am glad the Spirit, the Father and the Son were with you. Blessings.

    1. Priorhouse, what you are talking about is something that blows me away: how we can, and do, sense the presence of the Spirit. There are times when I experience something on the other end of the spectrum: the desert, the coldness, night skies with no stars, no moon. Maybe that reality intensifies the other reality of Emanuel. Thanks for those words of encouragement, and for visiting. T

  2. Hey T – I am not sure if that above reply was meant for me??)

    also, not sure if you noticed the pingback, but this post gave me quote #71 to celebrate my 100th post!! (which was a milestone I wanted to celebrate). And well, I was very strategic about the balance of quotes – I wanted a few fun and few deep, but most of all I wanted it to reflect my experience over the course of making my 100 posts – and I really love this post – (and even the title was clever – and it reminded me of “Who’s your daddy?”) lol

    Now I do not follow very many blogs that are centered around Christianity (mostly because I have not found any good ones, so many are either ego driven – have much error – or anger – or they are mixing the title of Christianity with all this worldly stuff and I just do not have time for it – and so if I want meaty stuff I do not look to blogs, and instead just read the RZIM Slice or listen to my other teaching programs!

    However, I am now following 5 “Christian” blogs (and one happens to the the Seeker, who I noticed also commented on this very post) and while I am sure there are Christian authors behind many/most of the other blogs – the blogs I prefer are more art, academic, or photography driven.

    so all that to say that I was grateful for this “Who’s your comforter” post – and I almost used this: “I was in need of a comforter. But what I really needed was the Comforter.” – whew – so good…. but instead chose:

    #71. At such times as those, I sense that I am not alone; and the reason I am not alone is because the Spirit has become more apparent. True, the Holy Spirit is with us always. And yet, at times I experience His presence in a more pronounced way. He is my comforter. (Speaklistenpray…)


    Have a blessed day!

    1. Hey! Guess what … I am hitting a blank on what reply I made … I hope it wasn’t anything offensive!!! I am thankful, beyond what I can express, Ms. Prior, that you would take time to follow my post. Wow. (pause) I’ll go ahead and say that again: “WOW.”

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