“A Sanctified Imagination”: Who Said That?????


*BLOGGER’S NOTE: the following excerpts come from The Best of A.W. Tozer, a compilation of essays put together by a fella named Warren Wiersbe.  In different discussions, I have referenced A.W. Tozer, and encountered disruption from some who disagree with Tozer’s theology.  Having said that, I apologize in advance to anyone who might be offended by Tozers’s theology.  The angle of emphasizing imagination as it connects with our Christ-centered spirituality seemed quite unique to me at the time.

“The Value of a Sanctified Imagination”

“LIKE EVERY POWER belonging to us, the imagination may be either a blessing or a curse, depending altogether upon how it is used and how well it is disciplined. We all have to some degree the power to imagine. This gift enables us to see meanings in material objects, to observe similarities between things which at first appear wholly unlike each other. It permits us to know that which the senses can never tell us, for by it we are able to see through sense impressions to the reality that lies behind things.”

“Every advance made by mankind …

began as an idea to which nothing for the time corresponded. The mind of the inventor simply took bits of familiar ideas and made out of them something which was not only wholly unfamiliar but which up to that time was altogether nonexistent. Thus we “create” things and by so doing prove ourselves to have been made in the image of the Creator.

Any talent may be used for evil as well as for good, but every talent comes from God nevertheless. That the imagination is of great value in the service of God  … may be denied by some  persons who have erroneously confused the word “imaginative” with the word “imaginary.”   The gospel of Jesus Christ has no truck with things imaginary. The most realistic book in the world is the Bible. God is real, men are real and so is sin and so are death and hell, toward which sin inevitably leads.”

“The presence of God is not imaginary, neither is prayer the indulgence of a delightful fancy.”

The value of the cleansed imagination ... in the sphere of religion lies in its power to perceive in natural things shadows of things spiritual. It enables the reverent man to:
‘ … See the world in a grain of sand,
And eternity in an hour’ … ”

“The weakness of the Pharisee in days of old was his lack of imagination … He saw the text with its carefully guarded theological definition and he saw nothing beyond.”

The imagination … must necessarily suffer both from its intrinsic limitations and from an inherent bent toward evil.”

A purified and Spirit-controlled imagination is, however, quite another thing, and it is this I have in mind here. I long to see the imagination released from its prison and given to its proper place among the sons of the new creation. What I am trying to describe here is the sacred gift of seeing, the ability to peer beyond the veil and gaze with astonished wonder upon the beauties and mysteries of things holy and eternal.” 

To possess a Spirit-indwelt mind is the Christian’s privilege under grace, and this embraces all I have been trying to say here.”

Again, the above excerpts came from A.W. Tozer.  I hope you enjoyd this.


6 thoughts on ““A Sanctified Imagination”: Who Said That?????

  1. This is a good share, T. I can totally relate to Tozer that everything comes from God and all is good. However, we as human being seem to think differently due to ego and hence, evil comes forth. I have to reread this again and digest it. Blessing seeker.

  2. I did enjoy this …. but I also need to come back and chew on it some more. 🙂

    the only quote I know readily from Tozar is one I heard from Ravi (in the most life changing sermon I have ever heard) more than 20 years ago, when Ravi noted that “Tozer said,
    “Give me Genesis 1:1, and the rest of the Bible poses no problem…”

    I also just started following Tozar on my twitter feed – and so I enjoyed this post topic even more…

    1. Hey, Ms.Prior: I don’t read / follow Ravi enough … I know that he is solid. I think its part of that whol “Too many books, not enough time!” I like your Tozer quote you passed on. You know, as you said you might just come back and chew on it some more … there are some posts that I write, and sometimes a nagging concern comes up that I need to revisit my posts, and tweak them a bit, because I think there might be something off. Do you ever get that? Okay, take care. T

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