The Call Of Saul and Messing With God


The Call of Saul: one in the O.T., and one in the N.T.  The first, Saul called by God through Samuel, to step up / step out and be a king. 

Not “The King”, but “a king”. 

The second, Saul called by God on the road to Damascus through a sudden blinding force, to be an apostle of Jesus Christ; to speak about hope, salvation, and living right.  Ahhhhhh, the Call of Saul.  O.T. Saul was called before he started messing with God, and N.T. Saul was called after he had been messing with God.  I was backpacking through 1 Samuel 13 through15, and like all backpacking journeys I saw some things worth remembering.

  • Samuel had instructed Saul (13) to wait on him to show up … so that Samuel could do burnt offerings … But Saul chose not to wait (a faith issue?) and did the burnt offering himself … resulting in Samuel chewing Saul’s butt;
  • Sam the Man opened up a can of “Come to Jesus Meeting”, and gave Saul a “What are you doing?!” (ouch! those can  hurt!) … Samuel then explained to the Saul-boy that God was going to get a new man for the job … a man who would go after God’s own heart;
  • But in the 15th chapter, Samuel came to Saul and said “The Lord has sent me to anoint you King …”, which suggests to me that Saul might have had another shot at keeping his job … Samuel brought along a message from God to attack a place called Amalek, with some specific details;
  • Saul apparently didn’t take the details of Amalek seriously, or at least not serious enough … God was ticked, Samuel was ticked, because the details Saul ignored were high-priority;
  • Before Samuel’s debriefing with Saul (which included another can of “Come to Jesus Meeting”), Saul stopped off to set up a monument for himself (is there some self-idolatry going on here?);
  • And lastly, the Amalek debriefing: Saul did a full-blown denial with Samuel … not once, not twice, but three times before he finally broke;
  • Saul lied, initially, when he sad he had complied with God’s directions … and what followed was mix of excuses and rationalization … And Saul wouldn’t settle for it.
  • I can only imagine … I feel quite certain (don’t ask me why) that Samuel had virtually no sarcasm as opposed to me.  I can picture my self saying “Bro … cool story. Now, tell what REALLY happened.  If there was ever a time to come to know Jesus, its right now.”


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