Truth Reach

Truth Reach:

From Philippians 2: 12-16, excerpts paraphrased

I will work out my salvation with fear and trembling … God works in me, with my will and my actions … No grumbling, no arguing, so that I may become blameless and pure, without fault in a warped and crooked generation … and I will shine like stars in the night sky as I hold firmly to the word of life … like a sword.

Truth Reach is a piece that is inspired by Dr. Carolyn Leaf’s “Brain Detox Program”.

The sword to the right, is an “arming sword” (a knight’s sword for single-handed use smaller than a broadsword) from the 14th century “with a storied past from the waning days of the Crusader kingdoms.  It’s longer than your average arming sword, with a tapering double-edged blade more than three feet long (92.5 centimeters or 36.4 inches). The hilt has an iron wheel pommel engraved with a crosslet cross (a heraldic symbol signifying the spread of Christianity to the four corners of the earth by means of four Latin crosses combined so that their tops point north, south, east and west), a leather-wrapped grip and a straight cross-guard. It is nine inches (23.2 centimeters) long, bringing the total length of the sword to an impressive three feet nine and 35/64 inches (115.7 centimeters).  The sword was made in Italy in the mid-14th century. Its first duty was diplomatic, as a gift to the Mamluk Sultan of Egypt al-Nasir Hasan from Peter I, King of Cyprus. By Peter’s time, Cyprus was the last Crusader state in existence. Although he held the titles of King of Jerusalem and Count of Tripoli, these were in name only, and even the empty titles weren’t exactly grounded in valid claims of descendance. Peter was a Lusignan, a branch of a French knightly family whose most famous son Guy had married extraordinarily well. Guy de Lusignan was one of those troublesome knights who spent his downtime back home in Aquitaine assaulting people and stealing their stuff. One of his victims was Patrick, the 1st Earl of Salisbury, who died in an ambush by Guy and his scoundrel brothers in 1168.”






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