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Change in leadership, what some corporations call a “Re-org”, stirred up mixed emotions with Samuel. I don’t remember connecting with this before.  The old prophet-sage had invested time and energy into the O.T. Saul, to be a good king, an investment that yielded dividends of frustration.  God said “Enough of this!, now move on, to meet the next king.” (embellished paraphrase).

Move on, it’s just a chapter in the past: Quote About Move On Its Just A Chapter In The Past ~ Daily Inspiration
Specifically, in 1 Samuel 16:1

“Now the Lord said to Samuel, ‘How long will you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel?”

When God told Samuel to “move on“, Samuel knew it was time to “move on“.  And while God’s sense of urgency was happening, God saw Samuel’s grief for Saul’s impending replacement.  God’s orders for Samuel, for “the next thing”, and the next king, were as follows (my paraphrase):

“Bring oil for anointing

and go to Bethlehem.  See a fellow by the name of Jesse.

One of his sons will be the king I have found.” 

When Samuel comes into town, in this case Bethlehem, the elders usually get a little stressed.  In this case, the elders were immediately disrupted:  “Samuel, should we be freaking out, right now?”  Samuel did his best to keep these fellows from panic, and spoke (my paraphrase):

  • “I come in peace.
  • Everybody calm down.
  • Keep your hands where I can see them.
  • No sudden movements, and no one gets hurt.
  • So … don’t panic.”

Samuel found Jesse and began meeting his sons, wondering who it was that would become king.  Seven of Jesse’s son came through.  Samuel asked Jesse: “Do you have any other sons?” Jesse reluctantly acknowledged that there was still the youngest boy, who was keeping the sheep.  And the youngest boy came: “… ruddy, bright eyes, and good-looking.”  And this was the one.  This was who God wanted: the youngest of them all; the one who had been appointed by his brothers to do the dirty work, tending the sheep … quite the dirty job.  The boy’s name was David, and Samuel used the oil to anoint him: pretty serious stuff, when the country’s prophet anoints a boy with oil; a shepherd boy.  Wow.  The idea of good men and women appointed and anointed, favored by God, to do great things: its hard to believe, sometimes.  God can us a shepherd boy to shake the world … so He can probably use me to do something cool, eh?

3 thoughts on “MEMO: Change In Leadership

  1. Hi T- I enjoyed this.
    And thanks for “linking” that c.s. lewis quote – I enjoyed reading that other post today too.

    and well I enjoyed this the most:
    “I come in peace.
    Everybody calm down.
    Keep your hands where I can see them.”

    your paraphrasing is great. and I am enjoying your expounding on the Old Testament passages.

    also, I recently heard someone talking about just “how lowly” the shepherd position was!
    I cannot recall all of what they said, but it was like a really lowly job- and dirty – and so be chosen from this field was even more of a shock – more so than just picking an average Jo –
    but I like your point – “how God is calling us to do something good…” and praise the Lord he sees our potential – and our heart – and well, I also like how God chose Moses to “speak up” – and he was a man who stuttered!

    1. Dr. Priorhouse … your words bring seasoned encouragement into this place. My old computer does not let me reply in the comment section to others … No, I don’t know why except that it is an old computer. I think it was an experiment computer from the 1930’s. I’m relieved that someone can connect with my humor … Your comments always seem to bring me back to my own post, and get me thinking more about what is there and what is NOT there. So, thank you. T

      1. ha ha – thanks for the laugh and then for the warm smile – first I was laughing pretty hard at the comment about the experiment from the 1930’s…
        and then touched by the nice comment 🙂
        have a great day “pastor T”
        – O.o

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