David and the Giant

Slaying the Giants

“Our disadvantages can be our advantages.

Our advantages can be our disadvantages.” Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell's book.   DAVID AND GOLIATH.
Malcolm Gladwell’s book. DAVID AND GOLIATH.

We are in the midst of battle, and the giants we face can be huge.

Goliath ... http://rlalique.com/rlalique-articles-of-interest
Goliath … http://rlalique.com/rlalique-articles-of-interest

One day, the battles are … beyond … intense, and just mean!  Other days, the battles are not that bad.  We are giant-killers.  We hang out with giant-killers.  We also hang out in the desert, tending sheep.  Not a glamorous job, tending sheep.  On a hot day, they can stink pretty bad.  When the opportunity comes to get away from those sheep for a while, it is good to seize such a window of escape: even if it means going into battle with a giant (Goliath); a giant no one else wants to face.  In David’s adventure (1 Samuel 17) there was no doubt for David about what needed to happen.  David was a “slinger”, incidentally. 

David Was A Slinger

David, the Slinger ...www.bible-archaeology.info
David, the Slinger …www.bible-archaeology.info

This was something David was good at.  Few knew David was a slinger.  Goliath didn’t know it.  Interesting: David had no doubt about what he was going to do.  David’s brothers doubted David.  David’s king was even skeptical.  

http://youngfoundations.org/12560_This_Great_Warrior_DavidGoliath stood, waiting for a man to come to him for hand-to-hand combat, swinging swords, and crashing shields.  When a young boy came into the battle zone, the giant taunts David:I’ll make roadkill out of you for the buzzards … “ (paraphrased, 1 Sam 17:44)  Goliath tried to convince himself that this boy was a fool to fight the giant.     David thinks about Goliath’s trash talk and the giant’s disrespect for David’s God.  David’s response, a liberal paraphrase (1 Sam 17):

“I see you have a sword and a spear, and a few other toys.  And I hear you mocking God.  Well, it stops now, Bubba.  I’m going to kill you today, and I’m going to cut off your head, and I’m going to serve you up to the crows and to the coyotes.  Everyone will know today that God is in The House.  In other words, you are a dead man.”

David sprinted toward Goliath, swinging a rope over his head, before giant ever figured out what was happening, and what was about to happen.  When the giant did figure it out, it was too late. A stone came from the rope sling; flying like a rocket … sinking its way into the giant’s head. The giant fell, the sheep-tender boy sprinted to the giant …

… ran up to the Philistine, stood over him, pulled the giant’s sword from its sheath, and cut off the giant’s head (a liberal paraphrase from 1 Samuel 17:51).

I’ve got my own Davids: individuals that inspire me, individuals fighting for me, individuals who remind me of what courage looks like.  I’ve got my own Goliaths, and I choose not to describe them.  Sometimes I am alone.  Sometimes I need help.  Sometimes, I am David.  Either way, I have to fight … fight well … with spiritual strength, insight, wisdom, and … the strengths that God gave me.  David was good with a sling, and that is how God used David.  He uses our giftedness, our strengths, our skills, and then tells us

“Go get em!”








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