Storm Happening Out There, Boys

“That fella from Nazareth … here talking to us, just before getting into the boat.  ‘Talked in parables, a story about this sower, throwing out seeds.  He talked about how the soil makes a difference how a seed grows, or whether it even grows at all.  From the looks of that storm, I wonder if He will ever tell another parable.  That boat is getting hammered out there.”

File:Rembrandt Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee.jpg

Folks on the shore could see the fishing boat getting thrown around by the heavy storm.  But there was no way they could know what was happening on that boat.  Jesus was catching some Z’s.  A strange thing, if you think about it: a crazy-scary storm comes up, ‘boat taking water, getting thrown this way and that.  The men on the boat woke Jesus up, nothing short of terrified.

I was in the eye of a storm down in Texas, not too far from Galveston.  A hurricane came to town.  It was wild. There was absolutely no movement in the air.  It was humid, ominously quiet.  I wasn’t out there long when I sensed that I needed to get inside and hunker down.

That strange, haunting, windless, stillness … I will never forget.  I think of those guys in the boat with Jesus, their hearts gripped with fear.  Jesus stood up, spoke some hard words into the storm.  The sneering, monstrous, squall ceased; the wind and the waves evaporated.  These guys sat in a boat with a sail, with no wind.  Who knows how long they sat there in the boat, trying to process what had just happened, waiting for some wind to come up, so they could start moving again?





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