Courage, Authenticity, And Man Watched A Chick Flick

Something is wrong, here.  I come to write about spiritual pieces.  I think I am supposed to be somewhere else.

Let me explain what happened, and then I will make a graceful-or-not-so-graceful exit.  Okay, well, you see … this is what happened.  My wife talked me into watching a chick flick called Little Women (1994).  I’m wondering if I need to put on some sackcloth, and maybe a few gallons of ashes.  There was this exchange between Jo March and the professor, Friedrich.  Since we are all writers, I wanted to share some of my encouragement that sneaked up on me while watching this film.  But, please don’t tell anyone that I watched a chick flick movie.  

Little Women (1994) Poster

Friedrich: (having read Jo’s latest book) “There is nothing in this of the woman I am privileged to know.”

Jo:  “Friedrich, this is what I write.  My apologies if it fails to live up to your high standards.”

Friedrich: “Jo, there is more to you than this. If you have the courage to write it.”

This idea … a redemptive, glorious, idea … of “calling someone out” to step into their glory is something that has gripped me for a number of years.  Not a “nice” idea, or a comfortable idea, or a fun idea.  God calls us out; those who love us call us out; the Word calls us out.  My reaction, sometimes?  “No!  What if I don’t want to go where you are calling me to?”  God the Caller is always right, but sometimes I don’t hear so well.  When the caller is not God,  they may not be accurate.  But if the caller has earned my trust, and they are calling me out with respect, with love, then I need to acknowledge their care for me, and their courage … to take a risk, stepping out to use their voice for a powerful reason. I suppose that is why I like this exchange between Jo March and Friedrich.

And, fellow bloggers, I am really sorry that I watched a chick flick.






6 thoughts on “Courage, Authenticity, And Man Watched A Chick Flick

  1. I think, T, it was God that directed you to watch a chick flick and you had the courage to write about it. No apologies necessary. Blessings.

  2. how fun that you watched the movie – and extracted some life lessons – but the real question is “Did you rub your wife’s feet while watching the movie?” = ha!

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