Hell’s Concierge

When I read this post, I felt compelled to reblog this. Through my own eyes, and through the experience of sitting with many folks in recovery, I felt like this writer brings it to the table: freedom from addiction, in the context of intense battle, being aware of “Hell’s Concierce”. Peace, T

Not This Song

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and forget that I’m an addict. When other troubles are acting up, or someone I love is hurting, I can slip away from the vigilance needed.

It’s also easy, and deadly, to get caught up in results–to fall into dissatisfaction when life is getting harder and not easier. It’s easy for me to flirt with despair when my mental health symptoms rob my life in recovery of health and joy. It’s easy to feel that I’m on a trip to a city that’s not living up to my hopes, having spent too much and not having a good enough time. To feel lonely and bored in my metaphorical hotel room.

That’s when it’s tempting to pick up that handy phone and press the button for the concierge. The gentleman or lady who can get things, recommend activities, obtain tickets or otherwise…

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