Tribute to You

Good morning, sons of the Father, daughters of the Father, fathers of the children, mothers of the children, protectors / romancers / ministers of & to family / spouses – – – shimmering reminders of the Light and the goodness and the glory and the wisdom that flows down from the Lord ……

Heaviness collides with Light.  Light makes our burdens light.  True, the battle continues between the two camps, dark and Light, but the faith that resides in us speaks in many ways, including the way of dictating our victory every morning, every week, every year and after it is all said and done, eternity.
Part of my own heaviness is my thick, molasses-like, quagmire of not being a better friend.  And, it threatens to go beyond heaviness: this reality of my falling short of good friendship I offer … is taunted by self contempt.  And your exhortations, encouragement, prayer, help to fuel my resolve to fight back against the forces of the unholy trinity: the world, the old-man, and the dark spiritual realm.
Oh, the ambivalence: to love well, to be loved; to know others, to be known by others; to hope, to grapple with reality, to fight off foolishness naivete; to forgive, and to remember wisely so that we do not repeat our mistakes in relationship; to take joy, to enter the grieving process.
Here’s to you, as I raise my coffee, toasting you, thankful for you, and hoping the best for you.



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