Analysis? Paralysis?

Over-thinking, looking too hard, listening wrong, initial movement transitioning into an anxietous and anguishing stuckness, still holding on to a lie, “I can figure this out myself …”, even though it is true sometimes, and even though it is not true sometimes, and knowing which is which can mess with your mind, maybe … maybe not … but I do know that it can mess with my mind, and it has messed with my mind, and I don’t like knowing that I am a soul who was stranded, and was sanded down by metaphorical sandpaper, and it might have been good, but it hurt and the hurt was different than any other kind of hurt, my wood being ripped away by that gravelly strip, splinters flying … and those splinters are mean …


Oh, yes, “knowing” can be a potent tea to sip from, quite a heady aftertaste, a big cup of a strong-brewed confidence …

“Oh yes, I know what I am talking about.”  

“Oh, yes, I am right … I know I am right.”

“I know a great deal about many things.”

“I have studied this topic, and many others, and many would benefit if they would but learn from me.”

“I know … that many consider me wise.”

“Blah, blah … blah-blah-blah, and … of course … Blah.”


“Open my eyes, so I can analyze.”  

Or …

“Close my eyes so I don’t analyze.”

All my knowledge, and all my analysis …

Can bring me to

Paralysis …


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