Matters of the Heart

I am drawn towards … matters of the heart.  

Recently, I asked a good man: “Hey, Man! How was your Thanksgiving?”  The man told me that one of his best friends shot himself the day before Thanksgiving, and ” … so my wife and I have been dealing with that. (pause) You asked, so I thought I would tell you.”

My response after almost a minute of saying nothing was “Wow, Man.  That’s really hard stuff.  I’m sorry for your loss.”  The man gave a nod, then turned away and walked towards the next thing.  I could tell he was done with the conversation.  I’ve been in more scenarios, similar to that, than I can remember.  I don’t really understand it all, what is happening there.  Is it a timing issue?  Is it some kind of convergence dynamic happening, where God is doing His thing to bring two paths to a place of intersection?  I do think that it is something about how I am wired, something about an “empathetic spirit”, something about the nonverbal realm of communication.  Maybe there is more happening than what I can see.

Matters of the heart.  I thought of a song from a guy named Bob Bennett, entitled “Matters of the Heart”.  I had not listened to any of his music for a while.  So, I dug up some lyrics of this song, and I hope you enjoy a little excerpt from “Matters of the Heart”. 

W/M: Bob Bennett
© 1982 Straightway Music (EMI CMG)

Baby smiling for an unknown reason
Bird singing in the dead of night
Hand reaching out for another one
Breeze catching a falling kite

Sigh at the end of a working day
Sun sinking down in the ocean
Love letters from far away
Rain dancing in motion

You can show me your sales curves
Plot my life on a flow chart
But there’s just some things
That numbers can’t measure
In Matters of the Heart

Eyes laughing in the face of disaster
Voices pleading on the telephone line
A spark of truth that catches on fire
Your first taste of the new wine

A light shining in this heart of darkness
A new beginning and a miracle
Day by day the integration
Of the concrete and the spiritual

You can show me your sales curves
Plot my life on a flow chart
You can count up your converts
And miss where it all starts
You can show me your sales curves

But there’s just some things
That numbers can’t measure
These fragile pieces of priceless treasure
There’s just some things
That numbers can’t measure
In Matters of the Heart
Matters of the Heart

*NOTE: I was trying to find a Youtube video of Bob Bennett playing this tune.  I only found one, but the quality of the recording was not what it should be.  So, I am including this link here, which shows only a picture of the man, but the quality of the song is the best I could find.  It is a beautiful tune, I think you will enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Matters of the Heart

    1. John-Man, thanks for taking some of your valuable time to visit my little blog, here. The Book of Pain has been, and is, a great blog that has taught me about writing and thinking. Your question, about how can one comfort another who is in such pain, can lead us into a fairly deep place. I do consider your question rhetorical. And yet I want to make a comment about your question. One response I have kept close to my heart and soul, for those who are in great pain, is to acknowledge that I cannot really do anything. That moves me towards being present, and listening to my discernment. And that is just my opinion.

      1. I can answer John’s question. Do not be afraid of their pain. Such loneliness happens to people in tragedies because people are afraid to “say the wrong thing”. There is no wrong thing. You start (after your minute of shock) by asking what you can do to help. There is always something: listen, cry on my shoulder, tell me I am not alone, share your experience…..basically be the loving person that you are. Thank you for your compassion. It meant everything to me.

        1. Thank you for this gift to this blog comment / question from John – Book of Pain blog. Your words come from your heart, a deep place seasoned with experience, wisdom and compassion. I learn from others, what they contribute. Again, thanks for this gift of your words and from your journey. Peace. T

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