Out … On … A … LIMB!

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Do I really believe, what I believe?  Wait: what is it that I really believe? God is there, God is here, His heart is good, God is powerful, God answers prayers … Do I believe all that?  Will I go … out on a limb, and believe that God is really good, willing to give me His best?  Will God meet me there, out on the limb?


My questions about me, and God, and the limb, have become more pronounced, in conjunction with a new season that came forth … three to four months prior.  I did not recognize it.  Then, I didn’t want to recognize it.  Implications of this new season?  Here is the limb: to take some risks; trust God for what He wants to do; acknowledge change, the unknown. Alternative?  Stay away from the limb, in the realm of status quo, and embrace mediocrity.  Appealing as that may be, it is wrong, at least for me, in this particular “limb context”.  John’s word from the Word, resonated quite a bit from the place of 14, verses 12 through 14.  I read one of the commentary pieces, and I was intrigued:  

“When blessing comes in your work, service, or ministry, it is tempting to accept that this is ‘all’ God has for you – – – to find it easy to stop and rest, rather than keeping your hand to the plow … Instead, refuse to allow the blessings of God’s grace on your work to lead you to think that He may not be ready to do even more in your life.  He does not call (me / you / us) to attempt to produce more, but to ask and believe Him for more – – – for greater works He has  in store for us to receive and, by His grace achieve for His … purposes and glory.  Keep your heart set and ready for the next advance for His kingdom.” (Spirit Filled Bible 2002)

Expect Greater Things

http://www.x-plane.org/home/mf70/1941-1970.htm / “Beater”: DHC-2 as it appeared in the movie of Never Cry Wolf.

I’m wrapping this up with an excellent 3 minute / 50 second film clip from a great movie … a movie entitled “Never Cry Wolf”.  This film is about a biologist, “Tyler”, who is being dropped off in the Canadian Arctic wilderness,  for the purpose of studying Arctic wolves. The bush pilot, a guy named “Rosie”, drinks too much, is looking for adventure, because he is sick of boredom.


Another film clip that I could not find shows Rosie, the bush pilot landing the plane, but keeping the engine running … Rosie (literally) tossing out all of Tyler’s possessions on to the thick ice of the lake, while Tyler is in shock because of the cold temperatures, and the intimidation of being in the middle of the Canadian Arctic wilderness, alone.  Tyler tries to delay Rosie with questions, but all Rosie can do is laugh and say “Just keep moving, Tyler.  Just keep moving.”  And that is what we must do.  Keep moving.  Just keep moving ... all the while listening well, and trusting the One who will get us to where we need to go.


2 thoughts on “Out … On … A … LIMB!

  1. T, I love the comment from the Spirit Filled Bible…beautiful, moving and true. Wow! And your summary: never stop moving. Keep moving. Excellent!

    I listened to a talk the other day that may interest you. The speaker noted that the natural order of life is to give birth…to bring forth. Certainly that is true for raising children but it goes beyond that to a generalization of the male/female concept in all aspects of life. For example, a problem and your imagination can give birth to an idea. A situation and your kindness can give birth to your sense of empathy. But the ultimate act of birth is that you and your love of God give birth to a life of faith, and that this certitude is the most important attribute you bring to the next world with you.

    Since then I have thought (all on my own! 😀 ) that this summarizes all the good moments of my life…giving birth. And that the negative moments of anyone’s life can be characterized as killing something. For example, when we backbite someone, we have killed a little of our character (by doing it) a little bit of the balance of the person we are talking to and also, the reputation of the person we are talking about.

    I’d be interested to hear what you think of these ideas.

    1. Appreciation to you, and for you, for these empowering words. I don’t know why I have taken this long to reply. Odd. Just a few words to comment. One of several themes that stands out is “birth” … and I connect that with “other-centeredness”, and … being a steward of that which we are given (faith, opportunities, blessings, etc.). Now, I remember a previous discussion you and I had … (memory kicked in): our words in response to situations are so important – – – we can kill some of our character, or we can give words of life. Yes, I agree with you.

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