WORD … Visits Me

I took some time to receive some words from Romans 15:13 this morning.  It was a good visit.


Romans 15:13 / https://www.flickr.com/photos/91625508@N04/8363336180/


I was then in the midst of Proverbs, a specific place – – – 17.  I received some words, there, and a paraphrase emerged.  It was a good visit.


A dry morsel, not so bad, with peach and quietness.  Compare this with a house full of feasting, where there is strife.  A life with strife versus a life with love leaves a loss in its wake.  Bummer.


I read on a bit further: more words, it was a good visit.


To consider, and then to know, that this God we know, who knows us, also knows our hearts, observes our hearts and allows our hearts to be tested.  Does that mean anything to me?  It should mean something, and it should humble me to know …when my heart is not right, He knows that my heart is not right, and yet He does not condemn.


I read on a bit further, about this controversial issue of when one guy comes to another guy and speaks a little iron-sharpening-iron truth, and the moment of truth of whether or not the other guy chooses to receive what the first guy has to offer.

The wisdom in me honors, and receives, the redemptive rebuke.  So, God, lete the wise man be free … and let the foolishness remain buried.  The wisdom flows like a fast-moving creek, and foolishness sits like stagnant water … stagnant water that one should never drink from.


Lastly, after reading a bit further, I received some words about this tendency a man has to isolate.  It was a good visit.


A man sometimes gravitates toward self, isolates self, placates self, seeks intensely his own desire … and he becomes unapproachable to wise counsel.

Yes, it was a good visit this morning, with the Word.  And it was a good visit with Lincoln Brewster, via YouTube, the song “Live To Praise You” …. A great jolt of joy.

Lincoln Brewster / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSVpHhW9u9Q


“Day after day
You never change
Ever the same
There is hope in Your name …”


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