Devotional Books???? Decreased Popularity

D e v o t i o n a l   b o o k s ..

tempting, in a bookstore.  I often regret buying them, afterwards.  Over Christmas, I bought a devotional book.  The author had been in professional sports and had some substance of credibility.  After a few pages. the devotional book became devoted to disappearing.  Fast-forward two months to this morning.  Going through my office, I found the devotional book that I had purchased during Christmas holiday.  Now, here is the tension: 168 hours in a week (that’s all).  I need to choose carefully about what to read … during the 168 hours I’ve been given. Here is what I have come up with.  

  • FACT:  I enjoy reading the Word.  
  • FACT:  I believe that I need to read the Word.  
  • FACT:  the Word cannot / should not be replaced by a devotional book.  
  • FACT:  comparing the content of the Word with a devotional book is, possibly, a waste of time.  For example:
    • Old Testament: 39 books
    • New Testament: 27 books
    • Complete Bible: 66 books
    • Old Testament: 23,214 verses
    • New Testament: 7,959 verses
    • Complete Bible: 31,173 verses


Thirty-one-thousand verses … plus one-hundred-seventy-three.  When I open up the Word in the morning, sometimes I am not even sure where I want to go, out of 31,173 verses / 66 different books.  A footnote for a verse may invite to me to go to another place in the Word, to see what that piece says about the original stretch of scripture I started off with.  Well,  there is plenty more to say, but I will wrap it up with this.  This morning I decided to go to Acts.  I have been in Romans, but I decided it was time to make a shift.  In Acts 1, I made some observations that had never come across the old cognitive radar system between my two ears.  And that is what happens, quite often.  I have read a passage of scripture many, many, many times … and still experience something different, something new.  I don’t get the same gift from reading a devotional book.  Oh yeah … I need to leave a note to myself:

Note to myself /




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