About This Blogger, For What Its Worth

I am somewhere in Mountain Standard Time.  Been working with high-risk folks, for most of my career.  Not sure what’s next.

Its okay ... I'm just having a good day.
Its okay … I’m just having a good day.

I’ve spent some long overdue time with my two kiddos, my wonderful & brilliant & beautiful wife.   And I have spent some time with the two dogs, mountain dogs.  Healing has been happening.  I need a new map; a good map.  Like many of us, I have been asking God to speak.  God has done so, at times.  I’m thinking that this is a part of what prayer is.  Some days I don’t listen very well; some days I do listen.  I really hope that you enjoy this blog, and that you will be encouraged about God: what He is speaking into and what you are listening to him say.




9 thoughts on “About This Blogger, For What Its Worth

    1. A late reply, Daryl. Great apologies. Your blessings you pass on to people are special, and they mean a great deal. You are so consistent in your blogging. I cannot get anywhere near that … and I am blessed because I don’t consider the blogging adventure some sort of competitive thing … and I know you don’t either. Peace to you. T

  1. T. – I am glad I stumbled on your blog – because there is something very “genuine” in the way you share and reflect – best wishes to you and your wife and kiddos- and I am looking forward to checking in on your blog – I’ve been doing the weekly digest lately – but it has been a nice way to be enriched via blogosphere…. God bless you brother!
    *Romans 15:13

    1. A bit late replying … Your experience, that He does speak indeed … and in many different ways … emanates the heart and soul of an artist: an artist listens, watches, discerns, and sees in different ways. Now, that is just my opinion. But your art suggests that … Peace, T

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