Bucket Problems: An Additional Post

B u c k e t    P r o b l e m s I wrote a post entitled "Bucket Problems", about addictions.  One of the guys I try to keep up with, through his blogs, gave me feedback about that post.  His encouragement and insight brought me back to the writing desk, on the … Continue reading Bucket Problems: An Additional Post


Bucket Problems

"How do you like my bucket?"   "(Pause) Hmmm.  That bucket looks alright, on the outside.  Is it working for you?" "Actually, I haven't tried it out, yet.  Heck, let's give it a trial-run," ... he picks up a water hose, turns it on, and points the end of the hose into the bucket.  Water … Continue reading Bucket Problems

David and the Giant

"Our disadvantages can be our advantages. Our advantages can be our disadvantages." Malcolm Gladwell We are in the midst of battle, and the giants we face can be huge. One day, the battles are ... beyond ... intense, and just mean!  Other days, the battles are not that bad.  We are giant-killers.  We hang out … Continue reading David and the Giant

Wants to Hide and God Knows Her

This post comes from "Be Real, Please!!, found on one of my blogs: "Other Side of the Trees" blog (http://tdanieldavis.wordpress.com)  This post is rewritten specifically for SpeakListenPrayDon'tBeStupid. I learned about a woman, today, who wants to be Barbie  As I am writing this, I think of the woman ... at the well, where Jesus came … Continue reading Wants to Hide and God Knows Her

The Call Of Saul and Messing With God

THE "CALL OF SAUL" ... The Call of Saul: one in the O.T., and one in the N.T.  The first, Saul called by God through Samuel, to step up / step out and be a king.  Not "The King", but "a king".  The second, Saul called by God on the road to Damascus through a … Continue reading The Call Of Saul and Messing With God

Entering the Emptiness

"Entering the Emptiness" is one of the chapters in a book entitled The Awakened Heart, written by Gerald May (June 12, 1940- April 12, 2005).  As a notable psychiatrist, Gerald May wrote some good things to ponder.  Instead of searching for quotes from others who have reviewed The Awakened Heart,  I am going out on a … Continue reading Entering the Emptiness