Bucket Problems: An Additional Post

B u c k e t    P r o b l e m s I wrote a post entitled "Bucket Problems", about addictions.  One of the guys I try to keep up with, through his blogs, gave me feedback about that post.  His encouragement and insight brought me back to the writing desk, on the … Continue reading Bucket Problems: An Additional Post


Bucket Problems

"How do you like my bucket?"   "(Pause) Hmmm.  That bucket looks alright, on the outside.  Is it working for you?" "Actually, I haven't tried it out, yet.  Heck, let's give it a trial-run," ... he picks up a water hose, turns it on, and points the end of the hose into the bucket.  Water … Continue reading Bucket Problems

Valley of Elah: There’s Going to Be Some Trouble

They came from the south ...  at least that is what some say.  Mean-looking fellows.  And in this case, their looks matched up with who they were.   These thuggish men were born and bred for battle, and intimidation, and violence.  Bullies, they were.  Bullies indeed.  They were the bad-guys of the Hebrew Bible, residing in a … Continue reading Valley of Elah: There’s Going to Be Some Trouble

Once I Was A Wild Man

Once I was a wild man, and Old Man was in the wild man.  One wild man, among others, who I looked up to was John Belushi ... my high school days, on through early college years.  A solid candidate for the quintessential wild man.   'Few fellas, couple of years older, inspired me during … Continue reading Once I Was A Wild Man

David and the Giant

"Our disadvantages can be our advantages. Our advantages can be our disadvantages." Malcolm Gladwell We are in the midst of battle, and the giants we face can be huge. One day, the battles are ... beyond ... intense, and just mean!  Other days, the battles are not that bad.  We are giant-killers.  We hang out … Continue reading David and the Giant

Proverbs Fan Man

I'm a Proverbs fan-man.  Here some excerpts from Proverbs 1. I grabbed The Message off the shelf.  Mixed into these excerpts are some of my ramblings ... in red to avoid confusion.  First section goes from verse 1 to verse 6; second section goes from verse 20 to the end, verse 33.  I hope you … Continue reading Proverbs Fan Man

Do I See It? No, I Don’t

"We don't yet see things clearly ... We're squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won't be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We'll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us!"The Message 13:12 One … Continue reading Do I See It? No, I Don’t

Change Can Get Ugly, and Redemptive

I asked a man for directions.   "Excuse me, sir.  I am trying to get to I-40 East." "You can't get there from here."    Actually,  I  can  get  "there"  from  "here" when it comes to change, if I want it.  My journey has challenges.  There is intimidation ahead (always has been)  Goals ... unrealistic?  Change … Continue reading Change Can Get Ugly, and Redemptive

An Ark Issue: Re-write

Writing out loud, which is what writers do, right? Recently, a wild man (redemptively wild) by the name of Ray Hughes spoke on 1 Samuel.  I was intrigued. Momentum from chapter 1 brought me up to where the Israelites and the Philistines were squared off.  I camped there, in the canyon between chapter 4 on … Continue reading An Ark Issue: Re-write