I Know A Guy Who Owns a Pretty Nice Sword …

Tolkien's Gandalf, opens up The Two Towers (2nd of three films) facing off with a Balrog on one side, his people on the opposite side.  Gandalf standing in the gap, armed with a staff and a sword;   armed with courage, passion, wisdom, life-experience, vision and redemptive confidence.   The sword, such an intense symbol for … Continue reading I Know A Guy Who Owns a Pretty Nice Sword …


Able, Not Willing

I can do this.  But will I do this? A good-hearted soul spoke a blessing into my life recently. The content below is paraphrased, and reframed as a general blessing, as opposed to a specific blessing:   “God loves you and He will turn your sorrow into great joy. He will show up, and give you ___________ … Continue reading Able, Not Willing

Self-Made Man … Very Small god?

Mr. Griff, if you are out there, and you know you are, accept my thanks for passing on those words ... many years ago: "A self-made man must have a very small god." A variation ...   And here are some words that were a bit strange, the first time I saw them / heard … Continue reading Self-Made Man … Very Small god?