Gamaliel, Heavies, Cost, Good Things

Have you gone up against the Heavies? So, these three heavies ... corrupt politicians ... walk up to two guys, surround them with their henchmen, take them downtown to the station, throw them into the slammer for the night.  Next morning, the two guys are brought in front of the heavies with the judge: "WHAT ... in the … Continue reading Gamaliel, Heavies, Cost, Good Things


Good Morning, Short Message, The Message

Romans 12, 14-16 … The Message 14-16 Bless your enemies; no cursing under your breath. Laugh with your happy friends when they’re happy; share tears when they’re down. Get along with each other; don’t be stuck-up. Make friends with nobodies; don’t be the great somebody. 17-19 Don’t hit back; discover beauty in everyone. If you’ve got it … Continue reading Good Morning, Short Message, The Message

Valley of Elah: There’s Going to Be Some Trouble

They came from the south ...  at least that is what some say.  Mean-looking fellows.  And in this case, their looks matched up with who they were.   These thuggish men were born and bred for battle, and intimidation, and violence.  Bullies, they were.  Bullies indeed.  They were the bad-guys of the Hebrew Bible, residing in a … Continue reading Valley of Elah: There’s Going to Be Some Trouble

Speak? Or Listen?

he Word's perspective is that listening needs to happen first; and speaking needs to come after the istening.   How, then, did "speak" come first, before "listen"?   I am referring to, by the way, the title of this blog. Conflicted?  No, I am not conflicted.  Listening is a spiritual discipline, and connects with two … Continue reading Speak? Or Listen?

Courage, Authenticity, And Man Watched A Chick Flick

Something is wrong, here.  I come to write about spiritual pieces.  I think I am supposed to be somewhere else. Let me explain what happened, and then I will make a graceful-or-not-so-graceful exit.  Okay, well, you see ... this is what happened.  My wife talked me into watching a chick flick called Little Women (1994).  … Continue reading Courage, Authenticity, And Man Watched A Chick Flick

“Love Alone Is Worth The Fight!”

This post is dedicated to the honorable blogger who created and runs the PRIORHOUSE BLOG /  She is one of those tremendous encouragers that we find along the journey, throughout our story ... you know what I mean, right. A few weeks ago, she sent a video short of Switchfoot playing this tune, "Love … Continue reading “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight!”

David and the Giant

"Our disadvantages can be our advantages. Our advantages can be our disadvantages." Malcolm Gladwell We are in the midst of battle, and the giants we face can be huge. One day, the battles are ... beyond ... intense, and just mean!  Other days, the battles are not that bad.  We are giant-killers.  We hang out … Continue reading David and the Giant

MEMO: Change In Leadership

AT SOME POINT IN THE JOURNEY ... Change in leadership, what some corporations call a "Re-org", stirred up mixed emotions with Samuel. I don't remember connecting with this before.  The old prophet-sage had invested time and energy into the O.T. Saul, to be a good king, an investment that yielded dividends of frustration.  God said … Continue reading MEMO: Change In Leadership

The Call Of Saul and Messing With God

THE "CALL OF SAUL" ... The Call of Saul: one in the O.T., and one in the N.T.  The first, Saul called by God through Samuel, to step up / step out and be a king.  Not "The King", but "a king".  The second, Saul called by God on the road to Damascus through a … Continue reading The Call Of Saul and Messing With God

Good Letters Written

I went to summer camp for a week, I was twelve, and Mom wanted me to write her a letter from camp.  Over all the summer camps, I remembered to write her once or twice.  OOOOPS.   Mom's letter-writing has been unfathomably consistent throughout the years.  She has been faithful.  A faithful letter-writer.  You know (and … Continue reading Good Letters Written