Devotional Books???? Decreased Popularity

D e v o t i o n a l   b o o k s .. tempting, in a bookstore.  I often regret buying them, afterwards.  Over Christmas, I bought a devotional book.  The author had been in professional sports and had some substance of credibility.  After a few pages. the devotional book became devoted to disappearing.  Fast-forward two months … Continue reading Devotional Books???? Decreased Popularity


WORD … Visits Me

I took some time to receive some words from Romans 15:13 this morning.  It was a good visit.     I was then in the midst of Proverbs, a specific place - - - 17.  I received some words, there, and a paraphrase emerged.  It was a good visit.   A dry morsel, not so … Continue reading WORD … Visits Me