Devotional Books???? Decreased Popularity

D e v o t i o n a l   b o o k s .. tempting, in a bookstore.  I often regret buying them, afterwards.  Over Christmas, I bought a devotional book.  The author had been in professional sports and had some substance of credibility.  After a few pages. the devotional book became devoted to disappearing.  Fast-forward two months … Continue reading Devotional Books???? Decreased Popularity


WORD … Visits Me

I took some time to receive some words from Romans 15:13 this morning.  It was a good visit.     I was then in the midst of Proverbs, a specific place - - - 17.  I received some words, there, and a paraphrase emerged.  It was a good visit.   A dry morsel, not so … Continue reading WORD … Visits Me

Out … On … A … LIMB!

Do I really believe, what I believe?  Wait: what is it that I really believe? God is there, God is here, His heart is good, God is powerful, God answers prayers ... Do I believe all that?  Will I go ... out on a limb, and believe that God is really good, willing to give me His … Continue reading Out … On … A … LIMB!

It Is What It Is: Profound

"It is what it is.  And it is profound." "What is 'it', that you are referring to?" " ... 'it' is the Word, as it connects to the Trinity, our hearts, our minds, our lives, our relationships."   I've come to a place ... actually, I've been here for a number of years ... where … Continue reading It Is What It Is: Profound

NEW photos of my week and a short Sunday sermon

I was blessed by this post, and I believe you will also. Otherwise I would not have reblogged this. Peace.

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Happy Sunday!  You know, one of the great things about buying myself roses, is that I get to photography them while they’re fresh (previous post) and then again when they’re all dried up!

I recently visited a NEW online art exhibit, all of paintings of Christ…His childhood, His ministry and the Last Supper. This is one of my favorites by Laurie Olson Lisonbee  (Here’s the link to the gallery)


Jesus wanted the Twelve—and He wants each of us—to learn that humility and service are worthy characteristics we should seek to obtain. He taught that no one is too important to serve others.

Have a great day!

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He Calls, I Call

RING ... RING ... RING ... "Get the phone, somebody." RING ... RING ... "Phone, guys!  Somebody get the phone!" "No, you get the phone." "Why?" "Because it's for you.  Its God, man.  If I were you, I'd get the phone." Sometimes I don't listen well. Sometimes I do. And when the phone rings, I don't always … Continue reading He Calls, I Call

The Hand of God

‘Stumbled on to this post, from 2013 … from a Canadian author, Melanie Jean Juneau, entitled The Hand of God. I felt that this post needed to be reblogged on my blog, as it resonates with my heart and soul. Visit her blog to read other posts.

joy of nine9

It’s Yongsung Kim. To contact the artist directly, email (I did a search, and I’m emailing the artist, too!!) from Amanda!!

   Detail from The Creation of Adam Sistine Chapel ceiling

 Hand of God – Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn

Hands with Stigmata, depicted on  Franciscan church in Lienz, Austria



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Matters of the Heart

I am drawn towards ... matters of the heart.   Recently, I asked a good man: "Hey, Man! How was your Thanksgiving?"  The man told me that one of his best friends shot himself the day before Thanksgiving, and " ... so my wife and I have been dealing with that. (pause) You asked, so … Continue reading Matters of the Heart

Fathom . . .

  Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom. (145: 3) An odd word.  Five occurrences, NIV? 1 Corinthians 13:2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, … Continue reading Fathom . . .

Awaken, O Sleeper

(Excerpt from a work in progress) "He's been up there for a while." "What do you mean, 'a while'?" "Two, three years." "He works up there?" "I don't know about work.  I'm talking about living up there.  'Been living up there ... for two, three years." "What's his name." "Winter Man." "Winter Man?"   "Yeah.  Winter … Continue reading Awaken, O Sleeper