Able, Not Willing

I can do this.  But will I do this? A good-hearted soul spoke a blessing into my life recently. The content below is paraphrased, and reframed as a general blessing, as opposed to a specific blessing:   “God loves you and He will turn your sorrow into great joy. He will show up, and give you ___________ … Continue reading Able, Not Willing


He Calls, I Call

RING ... RING ... RING ... "Get the phone, somebody." RING ... RING ... "Phone, guys!  Somebody get the phone!" "No, you get the phone." "Why?" "Because it's for you.  Its God, man.  If I were you, I'd get the phone." Sometimes I don't listen well. Sometimes I do. And when the phone rings, I don't always … Continue reading He Calls, I Call