Find Your Voice! Find Your Voice! And Listen …

Adam (not Cartwright) was there, and silent; and silence is not always a bad thing.  And silence is not always a good thing.  I’m late, and I’m silent, and my brilliant and beautiful wife has stumbled into slumber, which is a rational thing to do.  There was some kind of get-to-gether last night all over the continent, and their focus was to turn their clocks back one hour.  I was convinced to jump in on the madness, and that might be why I’m really tired and it is only 11:02 pm.  Seems later.  Apparently we were all supposed to “fall back” …

My (currently silent) partner, just broke her silence from her slumber and told me respectfully, “Its time to stop your computing, Dear.  Its time to go to bed.  So, I guess I will end with … Find your voice; rejoice; pray and listen.  This week grab wisdom, and don’t be stupid.  Peace, you guys,





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I am somewhere in Mountain Standard Time. Been working with high-risk folks, for most of my life. Not sure what's next; but it can't be the same thing that it has been. I've spent some long overdue time with my two kiddos, my wonderful & brilliant & beautiful wife. And I have spent some time with the two dogs; mountain dogs. Healing has been happening. I need a new map; a good map. Like many of us, I have been asking God to speak. God has done so, at times. I'm thinking that this is a part of what prayer is. Some days I don't listen very well;, some days I do listen. and I try not to act stupid. I really hope that you enjoy this blog, and that you will be encouraged about God: what He is speaking into and what you are listening to him say. Peace, T

7 thoughts on “Find Your Voice! Find Your Voice! And Listen …

  1. T, do you realize what you just wrote? This is achingly beautiful. Here’s my version of you. Can I post it on the Book of Pain? There is some words I’d put in italics, but I can’t do that here. In any event, this is beautiful.

    Just what time is it?

    Our Adam was still there, and silent.
    Silence is not always a bad thing
    nor is it always a good thing.
    It’s late, I’m silent with him
    and my brilliant and beautiful wife
    has stumbled into her slumber,
    a rational thing to do all things told.
    There was some get-together last night
    all over the continent—their focus
    to turn the hour on their clocks
    one way or another. I was convinced
    to jump in on the madness and that
    might be why I’m so tired now,
    although it is not yet midnight. Seems later.
    We were all supposed to fall back together
    and apparently we did.

    My partner just broke the silence
    of her slumber to tell me respectfully,
    “Its time to stop your computing dear—
    come to bed,” so I guess I will.

    Find your voice. Rejoice. Pray and listen.
    This week grab wisdom and don’t be stupid.
    I went to bed.

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